ARRL Message Handling Instructions 
Handling instructions (HX) convey special instructions to operators handling and delivering the message. The instruction is inserted in the message Preamble between the Precedence and the Station of Origin. Its use is optional with the originating stations, but once inserted it is mandatory with all relaying stations.
(Follow by Number.) Collect landline delivery authorized by addressee within ____ miles. (If no number, authorization is unlimited.)
(Followed by number.) Cancel message if not delivered within ____ hours of filing time; service originating station.
Report data and time of delivery (TOD) to originating station.
Report to originating station the identity of station from which received, plus date and time. Report identify of station to which relayed, plus date and time, or if delivered report date, time and method of delivery.
Delivering station get reply from addressee, originate message back.
(Followed by number.) Hold delivery until _____ (date).
Delivery by mail or landline toll call not required. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station.
An HX prosign (when used) will be inserted in the message preamble before the station origin, thus: NR 207 R HXA50 W1AW 12...(etc). If more than one HX prosign is used, they can be combined if no numbers are to be inserted; otherwise the HX should be repeated, thus NR 207 R HAXAC W1AW...(etc). On phone, use phonetics for the letter or letters following the HX, to ensure accuracy.
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