Multi-Use Radio Service 
Rules that govern the Multi-Use Radio Service can be found here 
Authorized Band Width
11.25 KHz
11.25 KHz
11.25 KHz
20 KHz
20 KHz
    These radios have an advantage over the FRS radios in that you can attach an external antenna and the maximum power level is 2 watts instead of .5 watts. They also operate in the VHF portion of the band which has the same characteristics as your 2 meter radio. The only advantage over the commercial grade GRS radios is they do  not require a license. An external antenna can be mounted no higher than 60 feet above ground or 20 feet above the highest point of the structure on which it is mounted. Also you will less likely find interference on these bands compared to the FRS bands. MURS stations may transmit voice or data emission type listed in part 95.631.
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